Acquarium – Necklaces Pendant with Colored


These extremely light Titanium Circular Pendants with Silver Chain, as all the other pieces in the artist’s line are inspired by the Constellation. The circular wire is also Titanium and can be treated to create a special accented patina to match the color of the spiral center piece. This alteration to the color of the Titanium circle is unique to this metal. No other metal can be treated in this way. It is covered in a semi-circle of glass which creates a unique 3D effect. Under sunlight the tonality of the color can become very bright. Therefore, the color presented on the photo may be slightly different than the actual color of the pendant. The artist did extensive research to create material that is UV resistant and waterproof. The designs were sent to Italy to be printed. The connecting piece in Sterling Silver with the AM logo was designed by Mr. Mucci with the intention of creating a unique piece of jewelry. It was then cast by artisans in Florence, Italy. The result is a high quality product.The chain, which is manufactured in Italy, is 925% Sterling Silver. The chain won’t irritate the skin or pull on the hair due to its round shape. It is flexible and extrememly difficult to break. The chain is treated with rodium plate and will not tarnish. A special feature of the 22” chain is its ability to adjust the length to the wearer’s measurements. For more details go to the category Chain Necklaces and take a look at our video. All necklaces are made by hand. Necklaces come with a printed description of the product and a gift box.

The artist Aurelio Mucci has created a new line of jewelry using the map of the stars to create pieces that represent the 12 Zodiac sonstellations The designs in the jewelry pieces are the actual constellations, not an artistic rendering.

All pieces are assembled by hand. The artist guarantees that this new line of jewelry is original.
The artist obtained a Trademark Reg. No. 5.184.810.

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Acquarium – Necklaces Pendant with Colored