Aurelio Mucci – Goldsmith

Aurelio Mucci began his artistic formation at L’Istituto Statale D’Arte in the city of L’Aquila Italy.

He attended classes in metalwork in the goldsmithing department from 1980 to 1983.

He then continued his studies at L’Istituto D’Arte in Valenza Po where he specialized in stone setting in their jewelry department, finishing his studies in 1986.

In the following four years he did an apprenticeship in various laboratories in Valenza in their jewellry departments to apply his skills in fine jewelry.

In 1990 his transferred to his native Abruzzo where he opened his first shop in L’Aquila Italy.  There in his laboratory he created jewelry on  private commissions collaborating with local goldsmiths.

From 1996 to 2005 Mr. Mucci resided in Florence, Italy.  There, he worked as an independant contractor collaborating with businesses creating high fashion jewelry that was exported worldwide.

In 2005 he resided in Toronto, Canada working for A & T Jewelers Ltd. There, he trained personnel in goldsmithing and stonesetting.

In 2006 he moved to San Francisco, California and opened a studio doing private commissions.  Since opening his studio, he has also created jewelry prototypes for fashion accessories using a 3D CAD system. In addition to creating fine jewelry, Mr. Mucci has created several lines of his own costume and fine jewelry.


Telephone: (510) 676-4311
MACK HARTER —- Designer
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Telephone: 703.172.3412


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