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*AMALFI* Titanium Circular Earrings with Neutral Patina


These extremely light spiral Titanium Circular Earrings, as all the other pieces in the artist’s line are inspired by the Fibonacci sequence. The titanium hook is hypoallergenic and won’t tarnish. The circular wire is also titanium and can be treated to create a special accented shiny neutral patina . This alteration of the titanium circle is unique to this metal. No other metal can be treated in this way. The stylish design in the center is stamped on aluminum paper. It is covered in a semi-circle of glass which creates a unique 3D effect. Under sunlight the tonality of the color can become very bright. Therefore, the color presented on the photo may be slightly different than the actual color of the earring. All earrings are made by hand. Earrings come with a printed description of product and a gift box.

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The artist Aurelio Mucci has created a new line of jewelry using mathematic and geometric designs based on the theory of the mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. The spiral designs represent patterns that are seen in nature such as the galaxies, shells, and the human ear. Many artists have used this theory to create art, the most famous being Leonardo da Vinci in creating his Mona Lisa.

All pieces are assembled by hand. The artist guarantees that this new line of jewelry is original.
The artist obtained a Trademark Reg. No. 5.184.810.